What next?

just a few pieces from my fabric stash

just a few pieces from my fabric stash

After finishing my last project I am looking to my fabric stash for inspiration as to what to do next. While I have lots of ideas I am not sure which I want to go with! Sometimes the number of ideas I have can be overwhelming, and of course I have way more ideas than I could possibly create.

The vintage, paisley print polyester (top of pile in the picture) I am thinking of making a full length skirt out of.

The orange chiffon (2nd from top) will one day become a top.

Third from top is a cotton lawn. There is enough for a long sleeve top. But I’ve got no idea what kind of style. The fabric is kind of ‘cute’ so I don’t also want the style to be cute too.

The bottom one is also a cotton lawn. I originally had a skirt in mind when I bought this but now I’m not so sure.

If I’m not inspired by any of these right now… there is always other things I could do!!!

What do I feel like doing????

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