Presents for a new mum

One of my darling workmates has just headed off on maternity leave. We put together a few goodies for her and this is what I contributed.

Even though she is having a boy I thought she might like some special things just for her too – hence the purse and flower brooches/hair clips.


I’m really pleased with how this purse turned out. This might even be my best effort yet, not my most complicated, but best executed. Previously I haven’t bothered to press and measure as much as I did this time. The little bit of extra care and time paid off! You probably can’t see it in the pictures but everything is perfectly aligned etc.Image

This doily bunting was a collaboration between me and another workmate. She saw the idea at a wedding she went to and sourced the doilies, I did the sewing. As you can see it is really, really easy to make… cut doilies in half and stitch cut edge within a folded ribbon.


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