Inspiration board

Inspiration board

Here are some photos of my inspiration board. I just hung an unpainted, stretched canvas and pinned up pictures and fabric etc that I think look good. It is partly to inspire me but also to decorate my sewing room.


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7 Responses to Inspiration board

  1. Amanda says:

    I really loved all your clothes on your blog. Thanks for sharing. I am very like you in the ‘fitting’ and many of your comments ring true! And I too am trying to make the insides as good as the outside now!! I thought this inspiration board was a great idea…. I have lots of ideas in my head…… But it never looks like my finished product! Haha!

    • Thanks for that Amanda 🙂
      I so know what you mean by the end product not looking like you imagined! I’m sure I have a wardrobe filled with clothes that I wouldn’t have bought but I wear them as I made them and that’s just how they turned out. Slowly though I’m working it out – mostly by making mistakes!

  2. Ahh yes, that one is fantastic!!

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