Sewing machine cover

Sewing machine cover

My darling mother bought me a super fancy new sewing machine recently (she felt obligated to spend money on me after spending money on my brother. I did object as I wanted her to keep her money for herself as I’m all grown up now, but she smiled and told me to “get over it”).

In honour of the occasion I put in a bit of effort to prettying up my sewing room:

The machine cover I made is a vintage paisley print. I even lined it with some heavy orange cotton. All the fabric came from my stash and had been sitting there for ages just waiting for a use. There is enough left to also make a cover for my overlocker.

The desk was also painted. I think the colour is great. It was a bit of a happy accident. I had hoped for a bright orange when I mixed remnants of red and yellow paint, but this is the colour it turned out…kind of a peachy orange.

The sewing machine is on a wooden stand that I made. It is a bit rough as I don’t have good carpentry tools…or skills :). I find that if whatever sewing machine I’m using is sitting on the table I tend to end up leaning forward to get closer to what I’m sewing (I’m tall with a long body). But then I end up hunching over and get a sore back really quickly. With my old machine I just had it propped up on some telephone books but I decided the new machine deserved better (and it is too wide for telephone books). I put some felt things that go on the bottom of chair legs on the base of the stand so that it doesn’t scratch the table. The machine is now at the perfect height so that I sit up straight and the sewing the right distance from my eyes. I really like that the space underneath is perfect for the machine manual and my sissors.

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2 Responses to Sewing machine cover

  1. Sanne says:

    Hey, I’m new here, just found your blog, and wanted to say that the stand for your sewing machine is really ingenious! Wow! I’m always searching for my scissors while I’m sewing, so this would be a perfect solution. And so easy.

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