A little winter skirt

In winter I love wearing a skirt with leggings and boots. This one is finished just in time for a whole winter of wearing (I’m in the southern hemisphere).

It is a pin cord that has been in my stash for years and years. I had to make the piping myself as my local fabric shop doesn’t sell any pre-made piping. The buttons are decorative as it seemed easier to put in an invisible zip in the side rather than do buttonholes etc. 

The pattern is Simplicity 2475 which has now become my ‘standard’ skirt pattern. I have altered it heaps and now have 3 versions. The original sits higher on my waist than I like and has a wide waist band which I think makes me look larger. This version I made here sits lower on my hips, has a narrower waist band, and is slightly A-line.

I’ve also just made the same version in a really nice stretch denim… pics coming soon. 


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2 Responses to A little winter skirt

  1. cloudcoucou says:

    This is really cute, I was looking to make one of these last winter but never got round to it!

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