Just to be clear… I am not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing skills. I prefer the ‘is it good enough for what I want it for?’ kind of approach. Though occasionally I like to attempt a perfect piece just because I can. I don’t NEED any clothes so can take my time if I want and there is something incredibly satisfying about producing a fine product…occasionally.

If I’m aiming for perfect I tend to pick ones I actually have some chance of being successful with. Hence this latest project. It is a simple blouse and the fabric is a light-weight woven cotton.

So what will make this blouse ‘perfect’ anyway? I’ll try and make the inside look as sharp as the outside. So…. French seams ironed in between the 1st and 2nd stitching and bias binding ironed into the final shape of the curve it will fit before sewing… etc. I’ll post pics as I go with this project.

So while I said that I usually don’t aim for perfect sewing skills I can’t say the same about fitting and style. If it doesn’t fit the way I want it to and doesn’t suit my body shape, then I just don’t wear it. And that’s just too disappointing. I am super, super fussy about this. There is no way I spend hours sewing to still end up dressing in ill fitting clothing or ones that don’t suit my body shape.

I’ve spent hours and hours and hours unpicking parts of or entire garments to make alterations to the fit. While I find this massively tests my limited patience, it has meant that I have learnt a lot about fitting and pattern alteration. I have even changed some of my sloppy habits. I used to not bother going back to the pattern to mark changes I made when fitting the final garment. Big mistake!!! There is no way I remember for next time like I try and convince myself at the time. So now the pattern stays out for the duration of the project and it doesn’t get put away till adjustments are made. OMG! This saves so much time and grumpiness next time!! As a result I have a few patterns that fit just right and I can just sew without fitting as I go.

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