Gathered front loose top


So I ended up changing the pattern…just a bit. Instead of tucks I put in gathers and didn’t sew the back darts. I ended up making the yoke in two pieces so I could put a button in so I could pull it over my head. But it turns out I don’t need I don’t need the extra room so I didn’t sew a button hole, just sewed the button on to keep it closed.

Is it perfect? Not quite. I forgot to match the print at the side seams! I am pretty happy with the results and think I will wear it lots.


As I said in my earlier post I wanted to have French seams to make it all neat on the inside. I know it is possible to do French seams to connect the bodice and sleeve but that just seems way too daunting. So instead I hand sewed some ‘mock French seams’. I saw this in one of Claire Shaeffer’s couture technique books. The picture above shows how it looks when finished.

Here is how:

Turn the garment inside out. Position the garment so that the seam allowances are together and the right sides of the fabric are together (as if you had just sewn the seam). Fold each side of the seam allowance inwards so that the raw edges are tucked in together. The seam allowance will now be half its original width. Slip-stitch the folded edges together. It is possible to machine stitch but hand sewing makes the seam less rigid.


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