Something for someone other than myself – finally!!


Making clothes for other people…making anything for other people (unless it takes less than one hour, doesn’t need fitting, they didn’t ask for it etc. etc)…I’m just not interested. It just becomes a chore and that is definitely not what sewing is about for me. So making these shorts for my husband is a really big deal for me.

He was talking about not having enough shorts last summer and recently I found this pattern in my pattern stash. I have no idea how I came by this pattern, I certainly didn’t buy it myself. He was pretty dubious when I showed him these pattern pictures, the style is so outdated, and he isn’t used to looking at the technical aspects of the drawing to look for style and fit etc.

I was sort of expecting that it would be a bit of a nightmare getting the style and fit right for him as he can be pretty fussy about the fit of his clothes (kind of like me). But it all came together surprisingly easy. I’m so used to fitting problems when I make my own clothes. The pattern was a size too large for him so before I even made the toile I reduced them by about 5cm on the back and 2cm at the crotch depth. They fit perfectly now. I’m keen to make him a couple of more pairs but think that it could be better if he has a chance to wear them and then tell me what he would like changed. Though that means waiting a few months for summer to come around again. I’m thinking that reducing the width of the back at the inner leg and side would be a better style. Perhaps I will change the pocket to the curved, jeans style too.

The fabric is a cotton drill that I had in my stash left over from making a dress about 6 years ago. As I was expecting that they wouldn’t turn out so well this being the first time I’ve made them I didn’t want to spend money on fabric. Though he likes this fabric anyway and has a pair of jeans in a similar colour. It is a good fabric to sew and wear but does crease really easily, and the creases are obvious. These were ironed just before he put them on for the photos!

I didn’t get the waist band quite right as you can see from the diagonal wrinkles in it and how it is around the button. But he will wear a belt with it and his T-shirt untucked anyway so I’m not going to get fussy about it. Now that I have made it once it will come together easier next time and I now have a better idea about which seams I can use bias binding on, which to overlock, and which I can use a French seam (cause I am so into it being neat on the inside at the moment. A phase I will grow out of probably).

The pattern instructions and fitting information were pretty good. The only mistakes I noticed were all with the drawings – but not so major that I couldn’t work it out. Though I did have to recut the fly facing as the pattern piece was meant to be placed on the fabric upside down but the picture didn’t show that. I only realised when I came to sew the two pieces of the fly together.ImageImageImageImageImage



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