The headless floral


And yet more made ages ago… as in maybe 3 or 4 years. Probably almost time to retire them.

The top is a woven cotton, yes another fitted woven…what am I thinking. But it works – well I’ve worn it heaps, isn’t that the test. Sewing more knits would be great but I need more practice and none of my local fabric stores sell interesting (ie. print) cotton knits. I must reluctantly venture to the world of on-line fabric purchasing (enticed by a rumour of Liberty cotton jersey). I’m so tactile when it comes to fabric purchasing that on-line seems a risky game. What sorts of experiences have you had?

Sorry ’bout the chopped off head – I just looked kind of odd in the photos.

Once again the pattern for both top and skirt were made/adapted by me. I can’t even remember what I adapted. Probably an adaption of an adaption of an adaption.

Here is a picture of the skirt I’m wearing in the above photo, but easier to see the style…

This is the fastest skirt I know how to make and is super comfy. It has a small section of elastic in the front waist band (which is just an extension of the skirt, not a separate piece). So it just pulls on, no zips etc and has the nice gather.

It is so easy to draft – just add about 7cm to the width of the centre front of a skirt pattern. So a total of an extra 14cm is added to the width of the skirt. In this 7cm include the darts as they won’t get sewn.


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One Response to The headless floral

  1. Amanda says:

    I agree, I love to be able to touchy feel my material. Except we don’t have one material shop in the town I live in! So it’s on-line for me too. Definitely not the same!

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