Men’s shorts


Oooh, I’m so altruistic! Well kind of. I made my husband another pair of shorts. So it isn’t really altruism as I get his thanks and I get to see him wear them.

I was keen on changing the style but he wanted some like the ones he saw in Country Road, so that’s what he got. He wore the first pair I made for him for the first time today and said they were really comfy etc.


This is the first time I have made a welt pocket – I’ve avoided them till now. Instead of doing a practice one I just did it straight on the finished garment. It is ok, but not great. And I realised that I made him a ‘girl’ pocket as the lips of the welt are thin.  It probably needs a button on it too.


I didn’t think the gingham lining would work but now it is sewn up I like it, and he likes it too.


The first pair I made him seemed a bit loose around the seat – the side seams were in the right place, the front panel sat well, fitted well around the waist and hips, but loose in the back panel. It is a really easy adjustment to make. I cut 2cm from the back inside leg and they now look a bit better. I know the fashion is for a much tighter leg, but I don’t think he would find that comfortable and he really doesn’t care what 20 year olds are wearing at the moment.Image

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3 Responses to Men’s shorts

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  2. nettie says:

    The shorts look great!! I love all of the menswear popping up, lately!!

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