Evolution of a pattern


When posting on this blog I have tried to remember where the pattern for each piece came from. Mostly I couldn’t remember. I know that most of my patterns are adaptions of previous self-made patterns. Working backwards I realised that they have all come from one 60s dress that I found in an op-shop then pulled apart and made a pattern from.  I think I actually forgot this about 10 years ago!

The above map shows most of the patterns I have made that originally were from that dress. Looking at this shows how much I go for simple shapes. I would like to say this is because I like to let the fabric be the star but really it is because it is so much more simple to design, make the pattern, and sew basics. I so need to get more creative with necklines.

These books have also been really helpful for learning principles and specific techniques so that I get the design and fit that I want. Image


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