Black waist-high skirt


Part of what motivates me to sew is gorgeous, bright fabrics which, for me, usually means tops and blouses. Just recently I’ve discovered that this has come at the expense of getting some basic skirts done. So I temporarily abandoned my other plans and went off to get some skirt fabric.

This skirt has a few firsts for me. First time I’ve made or worn a skirt that sits so high on my waist. Normally I prefer skirts to sit much lower.

First time I’ve put pockets in a skirt. I think pockets can add too much bulk but as this skirt was sitting so high and it is flared I thought the added bulk wouldn’t be an issue. I’m loving being able to put my hands in my pockets!

First time I’ve lined a skirt. I live in such a hot climate that lining seems such a yuk thing to wear. Though I’ve been getting annoyed this winter with my skirts catching on my stockings or leggings and sort of bunching up in the front in a not very attractive way. So, lining it is.

The style is an experiment for me. As I said I usually wear my skirts lower on my hips. I’m not sure that it works on me and I’m not quite getting the styling right yet. It definitely needs fitted tops because there is so much flare in the skirt.

The pattern is a hodge podge of other patterns. The pockets are adapted from some men’s shorts. The waist band is a reduced version of a Simplicity pattern, and the skirt is an adaption of another self-drafted skirt.

I’m not sure what the fabric is. The tag said ‘Linen, Loose Weave’ but it doesn’t seem like linen to me. It doesn’t crease much, is much softer than linen, and was fairly cheap. It has a great woven look texture to it on the right side and is lovely and soft.


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4 Responses to Black waist-high skirt

  1. leonora roccisano says:

    Love! Might need to commission you to make me some pencil skirts and dresses!! xxx

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