Navy skirt



In continuing the quest for some basic skirts I made this one on the weekend. It turned out to be a source of angst. I accidentally made it too small and had to let out both side seams after having inserted the invisible zip and attached the waistband 😦 

Then when I was almost finished I decided that it is way too ‘corporate’ for my life. I have no need for corporate clothes and have no intention of wearing them unless I have to. In a total sulk I abandoned it for a couple of hours. After finally finishing it I didn’t even try it on again! After all that sulking I put it on today and decided it isn’t quite as bad as I was imagining. 

The upside of not liking this skirt is that I’ve come up with an idea of what I do want for a basic skirt – something sort of like the Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio but more like how Lisa made hers. Though I’m going to have a go at challenging my pattern drafting skills. How hard can it be!?

The pattern for this skirt is Simplicity 2475 that I’ve made previously and modified a bit. I keep getting these horizontal wrinkles up near the waist band and haven’t worked out what adjustment I need to make. If I can remember the principles of fitting I think I would pinch out the excess at the waistline so the front would end up cut lower. 

The fabric is a polyester gabardine – which just adds to the corporate look and as I discovered today is not thick enough for a smooth line (ie. visible knickers line). I’ve been experimenting with synthetic fabrics for skirts in the hope that they need less ironing. I probably won’t use this fabric again though. 

If you are interested, I blogged about the top here.


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