Gathered neckline top


This top has had several refashions now. I originally made it with 3/4 length sleeves gathered at the shoulder and hem. But I did something whack when I made the pattern and the armhole was just too big or something. It just didn’t look right and so I didn’t wear it. Finally I had the idea of removing the sleeves. I cut the sleeves off leaving just a couple of centimeters and used that as a sort of binding to finish the armholes (read minimal effort and stuffing around). 

I wore that for awhile and then decided to reduce the amount of gather at the back so put in a centre back seam.

Now I think it is too long for wearing un-tucked so I will probably end up changing the hem. What an effort, just for a simple top. Remind me why sewing is my hobby again! Oh, I remember, I get to be this fussy. 

The fabric is a quilting cotton – I fell for the print not the drape. 


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