Spring dress


Spring has sprung quickly here so I’m wearing this dress that I made at the end of last season. Though I do have a layer on underneath for a bit of warmth as the fabric is really thin. 

I would say ‘simple spring dress’ but although the style is simple it turned out to be a bit tricky to make because of my mistakes. The fabric (rayon) was really slippery but I just treated it like a cotton voile or something like that so I ended up with some seams that didn’t match at the hem:


I can’t remember now what initial mistake I made on the arm holes but I ended up having to pull off the bias binding and put it back on three times! Yep. It was gaping and showing more of my arm crease than I wanted. Even now it isn’t quite right as you can tell by the singlet I’m wearing being a bit visible. 

I totally fell for this print when I saw it. It is so happy and colourful and fits well into my wardrobe (ie. I have handbag, shoes, scarf, jewelry, and cardigan that go with it). Initially I was thinking about making a more complicated design but then decided that as the print is so busy and lovely that I could keep the design simple and just let the fabric be the star. 

The pattern is one I have used to make this dress and this one. It is Simplicity 3744, a princess line dress that I’ve adjusted slightly to make it less A-line. 




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5 Responses to Spring dress

  1. Cute dress and glad you’re getting the right weather for it. What about a little white t-shirt underneath? Over here the weather has taken a steep downturn from an amazing summer (so I’m not complaining too much) and I blogged my first Autumn make today (so I’m not in denial)!

  2. Amanda says:

    It looks lovely. Gorgeous fabric .

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