Ohh, I love this dress!



I made finished this dress at the end of last summer and I’m very happy to be wearing it again. When I first made it dress I really made a mess of the fitting (read, I didn’t make a toile). It was way too large in the bodice and I had gathered the skirt and used way too much fabric, and it was too short for me. It lay in the ‘ugg’ pile for awhile until I pulled it apart and refashioned. 

Wearing this today has gotten me think about making some more in a similar style for this summer. Though sewing is a bit on the back burner at the moment as I’m renovating a room in our house.

I think it would be a pretty boring dress without the colourful band at the hem. I actually picked it up in Thailand years and years ago and it has just been stuffed in with my ribbons etc for most of that time. So happy it now has it’s outing.



The fabric is stretch cotton sateen which is so lovely to wear and sew. But these plain sateens do show creases really easily. I’ve noticed that the printed sateens manage to hide creases pretty well. 

The pattern is one I made myself though based the bodice on a Simplicity pattern I have.


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10 Responses to Ohh, I love this dress!

  1. This colourful band gives something extra to this sople dress.

  2. sewexhausted says:

    What an awesome dress. The trim is very cool! Just found your blog thanks to Red Point Tailor. 🙂 ~Laurie

  3. Lovely dress, looks great on the banding is especially nice.

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