Little pouch for a mum to be




Needing a present for a friend who is about to have a baby I made this little number. I just love the fabric, it is so fun and happy. Kids get all the cool fabric!

This time I remembered to do that thing of making sure the zip is shorter than the opening so as to get a nice neat corner. Not sure how others do this but I just add an extra little strip of fabric to each end of the zipper tape. That way when I sew up the side seams and turn it right side out I only have fabric at the corner to turn, not chunky zipper.

This is the first thing I’ve sewn for ages as I was in such a sewing frenzy for a few months there that I neglected some handyperson tasks that really needed doing. So I banned myself from sewing and reading novels until I get some things done! I’ve almost finished the room that we had re-plastered, just need to finish varnishing the skirting boards a mahogany colour and then put them in place. Then I’ll re-grout the bathroom. Big jobs that end up taking way longer than I expect. So no sewing for a bit longer. Am hoping to at least have time to sew one dress before Christmas…we shall see. 

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