I’m sewing again!!!

50s dress

For the last few months I had to ban myself from sewing so that I could get some other things done. I knew that if I started a sewing project I wouldn’t do anything else until it was finished. Anyone else a bit like this?

But while I really missed sewing I’m pleased with my other accomplishments: re-grouted the shower; fixed up some furniture; made a little side table; made the verandah nice and comfortable so we actually spend time out there now; painted a bedroom; cut, varnished, and installed skirting boards and architraves in same room; painted the toilet, installed a shelf and replaced fittings in same room. Phew! A lot of very physical labour but the house looks fantastic now and was ready for welcoming guests to stay for Christmas.

Anyway about the sewing….

My first project after my break is this refashion. I originally made it up as a long dress (see photo below) but it just didn’t suit my shape – so I’m not even going to show a photo of me in it. I wore it sometimes but just felt body conscious. I liked how the top part fitted and thought about just turning it into a shirt. But then I came up with this idea… I cut it off just below the natural waist and used all that fabric to make up this 50s style.

I knew I would wear it with this belt so deliberately made the waist seam a few cm below my natural waist so the belt sits at the natural waist and the waist seam is just below the lower edge of the belt. I love how sewing means I can get this particular 🙂

The neck line gather thingy was a refashion too. Originally I made it as a wide ruffle but it just looked weird so I immediately changed it and like how it is now. It has a loose bit of elastic in it which helps it to hold its edge.

The bit of silver satin on the bottom is because there wasn’t quite enough fabric to allow for a hem so I shortened the skirt a bit more and added the trim.

The fabric is a light weight cotton. I lined just the skirt so I will be able to wear this with tights in winter.

The best part – I finished sewing it this morning in time to put it on and go to work!

long dress


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3 Responses to I’m sewing again!!!

  1. ThreadTime says:

    Love your refashion. It looks great on you. I totally know what you mean about the distractions. Love the idea of making yourself break and get other things done.

  2. Laurie says:

    Way to turn something you don’t wear in to something you will! I like the new look of it a lot! Well done!

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