Simplicity pattern magazine Spring 1969


One of my most treasured possessions and greatest inspirations:



Just like the pattern books we have now, just really old.


With some funky ads:




My next project is the green dress from the first photo – without sleeves though.


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6 Responses to Simplicity pattern magazine Spring 1969

  1. oh wow! what a great magazine! so lucky! that green dress is really cute too!

  2. baum says:

    how cool! I love the style from this era and basically love all these patterns esp. the grey dress in the bottom picture. I look forward to seeing your version of the green dress!

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  4. Amanda says:

    This is a lovely book! I loved lots of the designs. I particularly like the black and white with a red belt one too. The whole book is very elegant isn’t it? The ones that catch my eye are the simple designs in a striking colour. Makes me consider what I sew and perhaps I go for too much patterned fabric when actually I would get the look I want in plain colours! Treasure that book!

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