Best of 2013

Yes, late I know. The start of this year came even though I wasn’t ready.

In reflecting on the best parts of my sewing for 2013 I came up with these:

1. Skills development

Or should I say ‘the exercise of patience’ because really nothing I do is massively difficult. It is just a combination of having the knowledge (thanks magazines, books, and internet) and the patience to bother with that much detail. This blouse/top (blogged here) is probably the neatest and most skill perfect thing I made this year. It took ages to make but I had the time so that didn’t matter. There was something massively satisfying about leaning over the ironing board with a ruler making those pleats perfect. Pity the pattern hides the pleats in this photo. You’ll just have to trust me, the pleats are perfect. And it looks as good on the inside as the outside – hello French seams.


2. New sewing machine

My mother bought me a super-duper great machine which has totally taken my sewing to another level. I was chugging away on a 1974 machine (also provided by my mother years ago) which apparently was top of the range for its time. But it’s time had passed. This new machine has features I didn’t even know existed or how good they are until I started using it. I think my skills and requirement for quality outcomes had surpassed my old machine, whereas this new one is in line with my level…and beyond 🙂 None of this I actually knew until I started using the new machine though. It reminds me of that saying about how a good trade or crafts person doesn’t blame their tools… but a good trades/crafts person has decent tools! If anyone is after a good sewing machine I would highly recommend this one.


3. Sewing for my husband

This is a massive achievement for me as I can be super, super selfish about my hobby. And with justification I think. After all it is meant to be enjoyable and not a chore. Nothing makes something a chore more than thinking I HAVE to do it. And I’m just a bit selfish anyway. Of all the perfect projects for me to sew for him these and these shorts were great because they came together so easily. Just one toile was made and no changes were needed at all.  No stuffing around with fitting which is something I dislike and can find dispiriting. And not only did I make one pair of shorts but went on to make a second! I got so inspired by this success and his excitement that I’ve bought shirt and jacket patterns for him.


4. Wearable wardrobe

I put a lot more effort this year into filling gaps in my wardrobe and making sure that everything I made fitted in. All separates had to work with other items in my wardrobe and match with the shoes, handbags, etc that I already have. Dresses just needed to go with shoes and handbags I already have. And it worked!!! I hardly had any days this year of staring into my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear. I loved getting dressed in so many me-mades each day and I got plenty of comments about my outfits.

This outfit was a favorite (blogged here) – maybe that’s why I’ve got a huge smile on my face 🙂

Actually I decided that while I love this skirt it would be better adjusted a bit – straight skirt rather than slightly A-line and slightly shorter. I just finished fixing it up just a few minutes ago but won’t take photos until I wear it again…


All up a very satisfying year of sewing. Plenty of misses and plenty of successes. Not sure if I will blog about my misses, but will blog soon about my thoughts and projects for 2014, some of which I’ve already started on and nearly finished.

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