Fussy adjusting


So I decided that 3cm off a hem makes a big difference and about 8cm off the circumference at the hem definitely makes a big difference. And not holding my breath when posing for pictures will also be good… and working out how to take pictures of myself using a timer that are actually in focus will be fantastic.

Well, I’ve achieved the sewing aims.

This denim skirt has been one of my favourite basics. Almost every top I own goes with it. It is easy and comfortable to wear. Despite this I thought it was a bit dowdy on me or just not quite right. Solution: take a bit off the hem and make it more of a straight skirt rather than the sort of in between straight and A-line that it was. The picture below with the stripe top is how it used to look. The pics with the satin top is how it is now. Not sure if you can even tell but I can and I like it better now.

The satin top is one I made ages ago but for some reason didn’t like straight away. It is just a super basic style,  a self-made pattern I’ve used a few times before. The fabric is lovely as it has a kind of flock backing which makes it soft and cosy without being hot.

denim skirt with silk top 1Image





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2 Responses to Fussy adjusting

  1. gingermakes says:

    I love the changes you made! It looks more modern and chic as a shorter, straighter skirt. Good eye! I bet you’ll wear this all the time!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Can’t believe anyone could notice the difference as it seems so slight in the pictures. I used to wear it all the time anyway but now I wear it and feel more comfortable in it 🙂

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