Slouchy shirt



And a close up:






New favourite shirt. I hardly have any button ups (just one other) but have decided they are great. I was going to make an Archer for the first time but then decided that I could make a pattern myself by copying my other button up shirt. It had a collar, collar stand and cuffs but I decided to leave those out as I wanted this to be an easy make. Trying to copy collars and collar stands from an existing shirt is a recipe for frustration (how do I know that?). It was really easy to copy the front and back bodice. I didn’t even attempt to copy the sleeve but just adjusted one I already have so that it fitted the arm-scythe. The placket is actually just done as a facing turned to the right side – so easy to make the pattern and so easy to sew.

The fabric is a foil printed cotton on sale from The Fabric Store for about $9 p/m so this cost about $14.  It feels like a normal soft cotton on the inside and weird crunchy feel on the outside. Of course being cotton it creases heaps and the shine makes that show (as the photos attest too). But for some reason I think a few creases suits this top. I’m loving it lots and have ideas for making more. Though next time I will either make the V neck much lower or much higher. Despite making a muslin somehow I ended up getting the point of the V at a really weird place. Oh well. Also I think I made the sleeve tabs too long. All things I could alter if I want but I’m just not in the mood for that at the moment. Maybe later. 


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