Daytime ensemble for travel

black wrap skirt


A couple of years ago there was a Valentino exhibition in Brisbane. All the information sheets for the outfits said either “daytime ensemble” or “evening ensemble”. The phrase stuck, I love it, it sounds so grand, and now here is my modest ensemble. Two separates designed to wear together and to work with my shoes.

We are going travelling soon and the first thing I thought of was my wardrobe and how most of my clothes need ironing which would annoy me if I took them travelling. So to the sewing machine.




The top is actually just a purchased singlet that I added the ruffle thingy to. A quick way to make a top more interesting. The skirt is a wrap skirt and my very first vintage make. My guess from looking at the illustration is 70s. I found it in an op-shop ages ago and bought it for the novelty factor not thinking I would actually make it.

I’m so converted to wrap skirts now. No fitting! After just holding the paper pattern pieces up to my body I decided it didn’t need any alterations for fit. The only thing I changed was the length and the way the waistband secured. The pattern is for a D ring but I decided to make the waistband much longer and put in a buttonhole to put the tie through and a couple of belt loops to keep it all neat. Normally I wouldn’t go for the pocket but decided that actually it is pretty cool and handy.

It was so simple to sew up. Though the pattern instructions included unpicking! Since when is that a plan? Anyways, I know how to do it differently for next time now. And there is definately going to be a next time. For some reason I had no idea that a skirt sitting at my natural waist would suit me so well. Encouraged by this skirt I’ve already bought the most gorgeous, good quality, textured cotton in navy with large white dots.

This fabric is a polyester and viscose gabardine. Yes, I know that I’ve previously bagged this same gabardine but I realised that the problem is me, not the fabric. I was treating it like cotton and getting cranky that it didn’t behave. But after turning the heat down on the iron and not pressing like a fiend I’ve made friends with this fabric. Which is handy as my local fabric store always has heaps in stock in a huge range of colours. It is great for skirts/bottoms that hardly crease, dry quickly, and still manage to feel comfy like a cotton.

I bumped my husband’s shirt to make these outfits before we travel, but now that they’re finished I have no excuses but to go back to finishing his shirt. Sigh – I just want to make more things for me πŸ˜‰

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9 Responses to Daytime ensemble for travel

  1. ines says:

    I love, your skirt! It’s super cute and looks put together, a good thing when you travel as it’s so easy to look like a mess. About the wait thing, I recently discovered that too as a matter of fact I noticed particularly in dresses I’ve started to sew the skirt part a couple inches above my waistinke because it looks much better! Have a fun trip!

  2. ines says:

    “waist” is what I meant to type.

  3. ThreadTime says:

    Looks fantastic on you. Definitely a winner.

  4. Sally says:

    I do like that style of skirt, I’ve been eyeing off a few patterns that are similar recently. .. The Valentino exhibition was fabulous, but I remember my mum spent the entire time bitching about the zippers not being put in right!

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