Make-up bag


How is it that I don’t own a make-up bag already? 

With impending travel it was time to get sewing. I found this fabric at Spotlight ages ago and always intended it to be a make-up bag. It is a printed, woven cotton that has been covered in some sort of clear, waterproof stuff. Pink is not normally my thing but there was a limited selection of prints/colours. And anyway, I like to venture outside my usual colour favourites when I’m not going to actually wear the thing.

I decided to include a front pocket so as to have a separate section to put brushes. The main part is lined with the same fabric. I also decided to make it flat so that it will only take up as much space as what is inside it, rather than having body itself.

Don’t you just love the zipper pulls? They are my favourite thing for bags at the moment. To attach them you have to cut off the zipper pull already on the zip with some side cutters and then just clip in the new ones. 

Err… not much else to say about this. It was just a simple, quick make to serve a purpose. It just happens to be very cute while it serves its purpose. 


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2 Responses to Make-up bag

  1. Cute fabric and I love the front pocket which is very handy.

  2. I love the fabric you used!

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