Singlet upgrade




I’ve got a real fondness for singlets as I really dislike wearing any sort of sleeve in summer. I never bother sewing them as they are too easy to buy but lately I haven’t found any interesting ones. So in an attempt to make a singlet more interesting I added this lace to the front. It actually took longer than I expected as it really needed to be hand basted on first.

You might recognise the skirt I’m wearing in the top photo as being my latest favourite wrap skirt. It did turn out to be the perfect travel skirt as I had hoped. It didn’t crease even when I stuffed it into bags and long enough for conservative Malaysia.

Yes we went to Singapore and Malaysia for about two weeks to visit my sister-in-law. What a crazy city! A weird mix of Western and Eastern. Almost like a Western country that is mostly populated with Asian people. I loved the architecture. They have some of the funkiest contemporary buildings I’ve seen. All the people I met were lovely and strangers on the street were so helpful, even using their phone apps to point me in the right direction.

It is incredibly noisy, polluted, and hot though. It was nice to come home and be able to sit on our veranda overlooking lots of greenery, a bright blue sky, clean air to breathe, and only the noise of rosellas and kookaburras in our big gum tree.  Here is a couple of photos of Singapore and Tioman Island in case you are interested.






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One Response to Singlet upgrade

  1. Ines says:

    Definitely upgraded to fancy status, great idea. I love the pics, thanks for posting. The architecture is fascinating.

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