Long sleeve, collar-less, button up shirt


Another shirt. There might only be a few more days left to wear this as it is heating up here already. But that’s ok, I really don’t mind making things out of season as I don’t sew fad fashion pieces anyway.

IMGP3344 IMGP3346 IMGP3347

I started this one ages ago but was distracted by a Spring gardening frenzy. Though it did also take awhile to come together as I redrafted a pattern and made a few mistakes.

It is a redraft of this previous make. The changes were to alter the neckline, add a collar band, add cuffs, include proper plackets at the front, and add side bust darts.

I’ve finally worked out how to get patch pockets really neat and even. I made a cardboard template the shape of the finished pocket and then folded and pressed the pocket piece around that.

Not having any instructions to follow I wasn’t sure how to put a pocket over the bust with two darts making the fabric not sit flat. The solution I came up with was to put the shirt over a tailor’s ham and smooth it out and then pin the pocket piece on. It worked so well.

Overall it has turned out pretty well. The pattern fits well. Next time I will redraft the neckline of the bodice to be higher at the back and maybe lengthen the sides at the hem.

I’m planning on extending this pattern to make a shirt dress, though I haven’t yet decided whether to make the skirt flared or straight.

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