Small cross-body bag


New lifestyle, new bag. With a new bub I don’t have my hands free to carry a purse but don’t always want my essentials stuffed into the bag with nappies etc. So a small cross-body seems just right. This was speedily whipped up over a couple of sewing sessions often halted by cries.
It is big enough for purse (flat, slender, fabric pouch I made but haven’t blogged), sunglasses, phone, keys, and lipstick – the essentials. There is one inside pocket for my phone so the screen doesn’t get scratched by the keys and is fast to pull out.
The photo makes it look a bit uneven, but it isn’t.
I’m super pleased with this bag as I like how it looks etc, but mostly it was satisfying to be productive when much of my day and night is spent holding a newborn who cries when put down.

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11 Responses to Small cross-body bag

  1. Melizza says:

    What a great idea. It’s super cute. I’m sure it will prove super handy.

  2. Ines says:

    Super cute! Sewing skills always come in handy!

  3. Colesworth says:

    It looks sturdy and cute – where did you get that clip? Hope you are getting enough sleep while your new one adjusts to being part of the world ;o)

  4. I love the tree fabric – cute and practical, what a good idea!

  5. stitchnsew says:

    doesnt it feel so good to finish something especially with a newborn?? and you now reminded me i need to make one too., yours is soi pretty by the way, love the colors., i have a 3 mos baby and i have been sacrificing naptime just to make some sewing!

  6. Summerflies says:

    Oh I was wondering how you were going! Congratulations on the baby. Great, well thought out bag.

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